Saturday, 4 November 2017

✅The Hidden �� Alien of Peru New 2017 Ancient Alien �� HD UFO Documentary

Some more exciting news in on the way, in this short documentary we explore the 3 fingered alien of Peru

This has experts divided all over the world however I'm pleased to see more and more similar mummified remains are becoming available so this story should keep progressing.......

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

✅HD Mysterious UFO's at the Great Pyramids �� Ancient Aliens Pyramid's s...

Deep, Mystical and Involved documentary regarding the strange architectural perfections, coincidences and Mathematics of the Great Pyramid at Giza - Oh ! and of course..... UFO footage towards the end!!

Enjoy this medley of facts and wonder!!

By Ancient Revelation ( On YouTube)

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

�� ALIEN GODS �� (The Documentary)

The intriguing Ancient Astronaut theory has been creating wonder and mystery since the early 1970's

This documentary created by Will Raee explores the many interesting facts, artifacts and ancient secrets left behind for us to discover!!

If you enjoyed the classic novel { Chariots of the Gods } from Erich Von Daniken, the main advocate of the ancient aliens theory, then you will love this short film.

Echos of the current genius, Graham Hancock, this documentary explores and explains a great deal regarding the Ancient Aliens suggestions so if you are a veteran or new to the idea, watch this, get informed and climb on-board.

Why not also perform you own research into this incredible subject.





✅��️ Gulf breeze UFO Sightings UFO Probe -�� Was the UFO FAKED with a do...

This is a short yet gripping film regarding the mind boggling Gulf Breeze UFO sighting.
The sighting was brought to light by Ed Walters back in November of 1987.
Ed Walters reported a series of UFO sightings over a period of three weeks. 
Some ufologists believed the photographs that Walters purported to show a flying saucer were genuine, however others strongly suspected them to be a hoax. 
Walters' UFO model shown in his photos was later discovered in an attic.
Another interesting theory is explained exceptionally well in this video, see what you think when you see the full explanation..

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Fantastic Creatures and not Where to Find Them - Indescribable Entities

This Short Video is so weird ! Lots of strange creatures, some must be aliens.

This is a quick fire collection of explainable entities...

Be Warned! Some may SHOCK and DISTURB you

Image result for chinese hybrid man

Actual video footage of a Chinese Human / Big Foot Hybrid (Rumors claim his Mother was captured and repeatedly raped by a 'Big foot' monster and when she finally escaped she was pregnant with this unusual cross species human!

Image result for chinese hybrid man

I can't even begin to guess what this is but again seems to be a cross species hybrid!!

This clip is full of strange oddities some will leave you breathless.

Image result for strange creatures

There's certainly more surprising a unusual creatures out there than science is ready to admit..

Image result for strange mermaid creatures

Its educational and thrilling to see them all, enjoy, share, like and most of all subscribe....

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Fat Earth debate {} - Secret Evidence For and Against - {} HD Docume...

Some interesting and viable arguments for and against the flat Earth theory

You need an open mind to be able to see the viewpoint of the flat Earthers

Whether  you choose to consider it or not, its a mind-boggling topic and this

short documentary portrays both sides of the debates with great detail

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